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We are accelerating sustainable flying technology by investing in promising start-ups and scale-ups, with the goal of reaching net-zero by 2050.

Aircraft Technologies
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Fuel Technologies (SAF, Hydrogen, etc.)

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Infrastructure / Operations

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Zero-emission Airlines

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VÆRIDION is accelerating the green transformation of aviation with a small electric aircraft that will be certified and delivered before 2030. The innovative design of the microliner allows high ranges to be achieved with available battery and propulsion technology. VÆRIDION's microliner enables connections between numerous existing regional airfields.


The Netherlands

AeroDelft is a TU Delft student team with one mission: prove that emission-free aviation is possible by developing the world’s first manned liquid hydrogen-powered electric aircraft.

Maeve Aerospace

The Netherlands

Maeve is developing a hybrid-electric regional commuter aircraft, featuring an 80-seat design that excels in both performance and cost-effectiveness. This innovative aircraft not only significantly reduces climate impact but also has the potential to replace both regional jets and turboprop aircraft.


The Netherlands

ELECTRON is developing a dual motor all electric aircraft and a regional mobility service using today's technology.



flyv offers a low cost on demand airline, providing the fastest connections in decentralised markets using AI-based algorithms, that will operate on green electric aircraft as soon as it enters the market.



SiriNor is developing electric jet turbines for commercial aviation.


United Kingdom

CNF is developing technology for the production of Power-to-Liquid Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF).

Blue Spirit Aero


Blue Spirit Aero is developing a family of innovative hydrogen-electric general aviation aircraft with low noise signature and reduced operational costs. These benefits are attained through the hydrogen-electric powertrain and the distributed electric propulsion (DEP) architecture.

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