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Bonson Lam
Market Development and
Strategy Manager, Japan Travel

"Japan Travel started originally to help the communities of Tohoku Japan recover from the tsunami of 2011.  So in many ways, cultural and human sustainability was part of our DNA.  As we look to 2050 the lessons of 2011, to work collaboratively and share our passion and expertise, is key to the sustainability of the planet. Skyfinity is the mother ship that will launch many sustainable aviation initiatives and that is why I support its venture and business model."

Floris de Haan
Aviation Professional

"Skyfinity is the solution to further speed-up airline sustainability and get rid of the thinking: "if I fly a lot, my airline awards me frequent flyer points to fly more"."

Diego Babuder
Commerical Pilot, EasyJet

“Skyfinity, as a pioneering force in the aviation sector, plays an indispensable and transformative role in accelerating the development of emerging sustainable aircraft technologies”.

Tobias Heyer
Founder & CEO, NxtLog

"Skyfinity offers a wonderful solution to accelerate the technological changes that are required to combat the climate crisis."

Wouter van der Linden
Team Manager, AeroDelft

"The mission of Skyfinity and its efforts to achieve this goal are inspiring, bringing a breath of fresh air to an industry that has often been resistant to change. Their vision of transforming the aviation industry into a more sustainable and responsible sector deserves wholehearted support."