Contributing to the Fund

Welcome to the community of Sustainability Catalysts

You can become a catalyst by contributing 5.50€ per 100kg of CO2 emissions* into Skyfinity's non-profit fund for impact. Any returns generated from our investments are re-invested into the fund.
Our Public Benefit Organization (PBO) status enables you to gain fiscal benefits on your contributions**. A modest portion of the contributions enables us to keep Skyfinity running, as mandated by law, requiring that this portion remains below 10%.

Join us, so that we can accelerate sustainable aviation together.


Select your contribution:

Based on single one-way flights.

For your small trip.
€ 11
Based on 0.2 CO2 tonnes for an average short-haul flight (single/one-way), and contribution rate of 55€/tonne of CO2.
For your life-changing trip around the world.
€ 39
Based on 0.7 CO2 tonnes for an average long-haul flight (single/one-way), and contribution rate of 55€/tonne of CO2.
First Steps
Show your support for sustainable aviation.
€ 1
Open Contribution
Select a custom value to best suit the impact you want to make.

Select your package:

Flights are based on return/two-way flights.

Up to 1 return flight / year
You try to fly as little as possible, but sometimes there is no other option.
€ 2.75 /month
2-3 return flights / year
You love your trips abroad and flying is just so convenient.
€ 7.50 /month
4-6 return flights / year
You want to explore every inch of the globe, even though you are aware of its impact on the environment.
€ 15.50 /month

*The annual funding gap for the development of net-zero technology and the production of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is estimated to be 55 billion euros. When we divide this funding gap by the emissions from aviation, which amount to approximately 1 billion tonnes of CO2, we derive a responsibility metric: 5.50€ for every 100kg of CO2 emissions. So, even though the emissions have already occurred, contributing this amount helps decrease future dependency on conventional aviation and mitigates the climate impact of one's flight.

**Currently available for tax residences of: The Netherlands.