About Skyfinity

Our Story

Driving the Net-Zero
Aviation Transition

Who are we?

Skyfinity is a PBO/ANBI Dutch-registered non-profit foundation dedicated to funding sustainable aviation start-ups based on the “innovate-to-zero" principle.

At Skyfinity, we firmly believe that achieving sustainable aviation is within our grasp through the advancement of innovative technologies. However, to ensure these solutions are in place for a net zero future by 2050, we must take immediate action.

What do we do?

The foundation sources contributions from individuals and organisations, calculated through their flight emissions, to invest through a global fund for impact. These contributions are continuously re-invested into promising sustainable aviation start-ups spanning the full scope of the aviation ecosystem, from aircraft and systems to sustainable aviation fuel and infrastructure.

The fund has the directive to reduce carbon emissions through technological acceleration.

Our TEAm

Meet our team

We are a driven, diverse & agile team with over 30 years of experience in Aerospace Engineering, Sustainable Aviation, Airports & MRO, Finance, and Private Equity.

Maurice Boon - Profile Picture | Skyfinity
Chairman & Founder

Business Strategy and Partnerships

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Chief of Staff

Operational Excellence, Customer Satisfaction

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Business Developer

Funding, Sales and Account Management

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Business Developer

Marketing and

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Non-profit and Public Benefit Organisation (PBO/ANBI)

The Skyfinity non-profit was founded, with the mission to sustain global connectivity while pioneering the shift towards eco-conscious aviation.

Every contribution is strategically invested, and re-invested, into promising start-ups and growing enterprises, catapulting us towards our audacious yet achievable goal: net zero emissions in the aviation industry by 2050.