Skyfinity - Fund Cycle between Skyfinity and Start-ups.
Why This matters

To keep the dream of flying alive

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Do you value air travel but worry about your impact on the environment?

Flying has revolutionized our world, connecting us like never before. However, the environmental impact of aviation emissions threatens our ability to continue soaring through the skies. The solution?

We need green technologies

Start-ups and scale-ups are at the forefront of developing cutting-edge green technologies, to ensure a sustainable future for air travel. However, they face a major challenge in securing long-term funding to bring their revolutionary and sustainable solutions to life.

That's where you come in

Together, we can be part of the solution as we bridge the funding gap, by counteracting our flying emissions and paving the way for a cleaner future.

Are you ready to embark on this thrilling journey? Join us now, and let's unlock the skies with green flying technology!

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Time to make a difference

How can you get involved?

Hi! We are Skyfinity.

We want to secure the future of aviation,
together with you.